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Heart-Pounding Art

Jackie Steward lifts the inside front at Watkins Glen, NY. Credit

We dig racing art.

Throughout the J&J Motorsport facility, you'll find framed, autographed posters that uniquely capture the predatory vigor of racing machines in motion.

Phil Hill in his Formula 1 championship-winning "Shark Nose" Ferrari 156. Credit The Motorsport Gallery

I especially enjoy race posters from the safety-what's-that? era. Sir Jackie Stewart in a Matra or a similarly blue Tyrrell. Dan Gurney in his impossibly pretty Weslake Eagle Mk I. Jim Clark, wringing the last ounce of go from the iconic and fragile Lotus 49.

Through the years, graphic artists turned out huge numbers of these posters, depicting formula, sports car, prototype racing and others, typically using almost-forgotten media like pencil and paintbrush. Many of the resulting pieces are good enough to be called art. In my book, anyway.

Credit Formula 1/2017 Chinese Grand Prix

Look at the difference in this modern poster! (NOT part of our collection.) Digital designs such as this one now dominate the form, and arguably better portray modern racing to youthful race fans the world over.

But as long as our old posters evoke special memories, like seeing your first race in-person, or attending the final race at a storied facility (so long, Texas World, Ontario, Riverside and on and on) they'll continue to hang on the J&J Motorsport walls.

Feel free to stop by and enjoy our collection. We'd be happy to perform an oil service while you browse.