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BMW M1 Procar

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As you may have noticed, we completely redesigned the J&J Motorsport site recently. When the homepage loads, for example, you get to hear a BMW M1 Procar's naturally aspirated, 470-bhp straight six. Nelson Piquet Jr. is hustling it up a mountain, in the wet, with an ever-so-cool, distaff passenger along side. Glorious!

In this blog post, we want to make you aware of a few innovations to the new site that'll help make your J&J service experience even better. First, we've added the ability for you to book your appointments online. Just click "book online," review the available times and add your request to the calendar. You're all set! We send you a confirmation email – if that is – we have your email address. (Please add yours to Jack's list next time you're in the shop, or just email

Second, the new site is optimized for mobile. That means you can book an appointment just as easily on your phone as you can on the site. Just tap the menu icon, top right, and click "book online" to set your appointment. Third, when you're on the J&J mobile site, you'll notice a subtle tab at the bottom of the screen. Tap it, and you're just one more tap away from calling or sending us an email.

Finally, we encourage you to make a homepage icon for J&J. It's easy and it'll save you time, every time you book. Here are how-to links for iPhone and Android.