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"That Guy"

BMW i8 repair

Before we talk about him, though, here's a rendering of the BWM electric, Vision EfficientDynamics concept for your pleasure. The future looks great! By the way, have you seen an i8 on the street yet? If so, tell us about it!

From beauty to beast: Occasionally, J&J Motorsport can't resolve a customer's issue; typically it relates to the extent of repairs needed. What can seem a minor problem based on the symptoms, e.g., "There's a strange noise. My brother-in-law said it's probably just such-and-such" – can prove instead to be complex. And costly.

Our technicians will take the problem car on a test drive, perform a thorough inspection – and often pull code after code after code with the scan tool. It's a chain of related issues. And this is the point at which the response can be, "It's gonna cost how much?!"

Repairing one issue without also addressing the others... Well, a partial solution is often no solution at all. We do everything we can to accommodate budget realities. We make the repair choices and potential outcomes clear to the customer. Usually, that's enough to help her or him make an informed decision.

Sometimes, though, the customer is That Guy. If you've ever worked in a service job, you know That Guy. If you've ever attended a high school football game, you know That Guy. And if you've ever read a nasty Facebook post or Yelp review, You. Know. That. Guy.

We know him, too - we have a hundred That Guy stories. One time, That Guy brought in an old Audi that had a seized timing belt tensioner. Yes, we had replaced the tensioner – 30,000 miles and five years prior – for the previous, previous owner! Yet That Guy insisted we should repair it for free.

We try to make things right whenever possible, even for That Guy. Occasionally, a customer will leave dissatisfied nonetheless. Luckily for J&J, we have a core of long-time customers who appreciate what we do, and reward us with their loyalty.

To them – to you – we offer our thanks for your continuing patronage. And to That Guy, please find another Audi/BMW/Mini/Mercedes-Benz/VW repair shop!